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How do banks work? 🏦

How do banks work? – What we're covering.. Introduction 👋Banks are businesses 🏦How do banks make money? 💸Charging “Interest” 💸Lending money to buy homes (mortgages) 🏡But how do banks get so much money to help people buy houses? 💰Conclusion 👍 Introduction 👋 We all know… Read More »How do banks work? 🏦

How to stay positive

How to stay positive ☀️

How to stay positive – What we're covering.. Introduction 👋1. Focus on self-care 🛀2. Celebrate small successes 🏅3. Review your achievements 📃4. Aim for success 🎯5. Practice gratitude 🙏6. Build confidence 💃🕺Conclusion 👍 Introduction 👋 Difficult situations are a huge part of day-to-day life, and… Read More »How to stay positive ☀️